Welcome to Hanrox Free Range Farm

Berkshire Rare Breed Pigs We have specialised in free range oven ready bronze and white turkeys for Christmas over the last decade.

In response to our customers, we are now extending our range. Currently, we can now offer free range pork and free range eggs. We are dedicated to the highest standards of animal welfare, rearing our pigs in a natural environment where they are free to roam.

Our pigs are Berkshire Rare Breed and are fed as closely as possible to natural food such as route crops.

Our aim is to bring farm fresh local meats to as many as possible at affordable prices.

Boxed Pork

Our pork is available boxed only. There are 2 box sizes - half pig and quarter pig. Delivery is available at a cost of 5 pounds within a 10 mile radius of the farm and 1 pound each additional mile over 10 miles. Collection is available if preferred.

Half Pig Box Contents
The hind leg cut into 2 or 3 joints
The shoulder can be cut into 2 joints or left whole
The loin which can be boned and rolled or left as approximately 16-18 big chops
The hand joint, which you can have as a joint or turned part into sausages (various types)
The belly rolled, which you can have as slices, left whole or again turned into sausages (various types)
If the hand and belly are used, the half pig box will provide you with approximately 5 - 11lb of sausages (various types)

The Half Pig Box is priced at £160.00

Quarter Pig Box Contents
One joint from the hind leg
Half of the shoulder
Half of the loin as chops or a joint
Half of the hand as sausages (various types)
Half of the belly as slices or sausages (various types)
If the hand and belly are used, the quarter pig box will provide you with approximately 5lb of sausages (various types)

The Quarter Pig Box is priced at £80.00

Pork Pack A - BBQ Pack Contents

12 sausages, 6 chops, 6 belly slices, pork mince for making burgers, 6 pork and pepper and onion kebab sticks.

Pack A is priced at £30.00

Pork Pack B - Family Pack Contents

12 sausages, 4 chops, 1 shoulder or leg joint, 1 loin, 1 pack sausage mince, 12 rashers bacon, belly of pork joint.

Pack B is priced at £45.00

Pork Pack C - Small Pack Contents

6 sausages, 2 chops, small joint, 1/2 loin, sausage mince small bag, 6 rashers of bacon, 1/2 belly joint.

Pack C is priced at £25.00

Additional Items Available- must be ord ered by telephone (07932 041091 for availability and pricing.

Whole pigs and suckling pigs for hog roast or parties. Gammon, bacon, sausages and free range eggs.
Please check the website on a regular basis as we will be adding additional products when available i.e. Lamb and Beef

For further information or to place an order, please telephone Graham on 07932 041091.

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